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FleXoco offers a FREE powerful vendor application that enables you to calculate the right taste at the most
profitable price - direct from your smartphone.




From now on you can save yourself the hassle of manually calculating and leave that to the new FleXoco App. No need of carrying around calculators and remembering formulas. This new application simply converts your smartphone into a mobile and reliable cup cost calculator - always ready whenever you are checking your cost price or preparing offers for customers. The app makes it easy to manage cup cost and dosage calculations. It is very organized and easy to use. No more complicated formulas and calculations.



With this application you can easily calculate your cup cost. Start entering the cup size for the specific machine you are supporting. Then enter the gram dosage for the drink you are calculating. Now you can easily scroll down and insert your costs for coffee, cocoa and milk - and the application does the work for you.



Changing the ml. cup size is made easy as the ingredient gram dosage will automatically adjust to the ml. dosage you chose - always displaying the cup cost.


The automatic gram dosage display enables you to calculate both cost and estimated ingredient consumption when changing machine settings to new drinks.


When you want to change dosage and create a stronger or more tasteful serving just scroll down and the app immediately calculate the effect on your button line. This is the easiest way to take control of your vending business. If you prefer to calculate with larger intervals you can just enter the numbers manually.





The Flexoco app is the quick and simple way to meet your customers need for Wonderful Drinks.


Scan your FREE application on your iPhone or Android




FleXoco is helping to benefit the vending operators with better products and solutions. We meet your need for Wonderful Drinks!


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