Private label


Wonderful drinks as you like it. Our set-up enables us to offer very competitive private label solutions also for relatively small volumes. We hold a strong experience in development of instant powder drinks for the European market and we work to find the solution that fits your market and your business.
The process might include ingredient development, approval of lab sample, production test/approval, packaging design, end-user test and full-scale production.

We supply customers with a project overview, time frame and a price before starting up.


Standard or custom made?


We offer a wide range of high quality vending products ready to pack as customer's private label. We hold knowledge of regional taste preferences and are always pleased to consult customers about product choice and taste.
From product development of new products, product matching, product improvement to mixing of customers own recipes. The unique FleXoco concept offers full flexibility to optimize our customers' products for better business and more satisfied end-users.
Our new mixing station plays an important role in the FleXoco concept. It is fully automated and provides the high quality control and assurance needed for vending products. The system enables us to manage small volumes, less than 1000 Kg, and very large production volumes without compromising with the quality standard.
Contact us to learn more about what we can offer you and your business.


Get your own label!


 Do you want your own designed foil or a neutral foil with your name and logo color printed? This is one of the first questions our customers have to answer for a private label solution in 200-1000 g foil bags.

Customers own designed foil typically starts at volumes at around 25.000 Kg per product per year.
A very good alternative is using a neutral foil. We are able to color print with name and logo during packaging. This is truly private label in small volumes - our solutions start at 1 pallet!

We offer the following packaging options:

  • Big bags
  • 20 kg bags
  • 200-1000g foil bags
  • Doy Pack NEW
  • Sachets

Contact us to learn more about what we can offer for your next private label solution



Own Foil Design

These are the 4 steps for ordering foil. Please note that delivery time of the foil can be 8-10 weeks from the final approval.

  1. The customer sends the art-work for the design
  2. Foil draft is send to the customer for approval
  3. Cromalin is send to the customer for final print approval
  4. Foil is ordered and stored on our stock




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